Having relevant links from authoritative domains is critical for SEO. It helps search engines understand your website as a trustworthy resource for your niche, which results in higher search rankings.

There are a number of link building tools that can help you with this process. Read on to learn about some of the best ones!

Zencart modules

There are a number of free and paid modules that can be added to your Zen Cart website. They can help with various aspects of link building, such as social bookmarking and search engine optimization.

These modules allow your customers to save your products, categories and pages into their favorite sites and share them with friends and colleagues. This allows them to easily find and access your site, which can help boost your search engine ranking and generate new links for your business.

The EZ-Page module helps you to program the ez_pages_link function, which can be used to create links from your Zen Cart ecommerce website. This function compiles a tag containing the EZ-Page ID and chapter number.

Power SEO for Zen Cart changes dynamic URLs to static and well-structured SEO friendly formats, helping search engines rank your pages better (PageRank). It also supports safe changing of SEO-friendly URLs, redirects from native and rewritten Zen Cart URLs and properly handles Sessions IDs*.

Shipping modules can be used to charge your customers for delivery. These modules prepare quotes based on the products in your shopping cart, as well as weight and destination. Some modules also include tax rates. Most modules will automatically calculate how many boxes and materials are needed to ship the items to your customer.

Constant Contact integrations

Constant Contact integrations can be a great way to improve your email marketing workflow and boost lead generation. They connect your WordPress site with powerful plugins and services that make collecting email addresses easy and more effective.

A few of the most popular integrations include those with Zoho CRM, LiveChat and Postmark. These tools all sync data between your CRM and your email marketing software, making it easier to create and send emails.

Another Constant Contact integration is with Hyperise, an email marketing automation software that uses email data to enrich profile and business logo images. The software also works with website screenshots.

The Hyperise integration with Constant Contact passes a prospect’s First Name and Last Name to Hyperise, allowing it to personalize your outreach images. The integration also includes a Business Email, which can be used to add a prospect’s business logo and website URL to your images.

Little Green Light’s Constant Contact integration allows you to manage your lists from LGL and sync information between Constant Contact and LGL. After a simple set up, you’ll be able to maintain LGL contact lists that you have created and managed in Constant Contact, as well as add and remove constituents from these lists.

Keyword research tools

Keyword research is the foundation of every online marketing campaign. It’s the basis for group buy seo tools optimization, content planning, and link building strategies.

There are hundreds of keyword research tools on the market, ranging from beginner-focused to highly advanced. Ultimately, the best tool is one that’s not only easy to use but also provides the data you need to actually rank for your target keywords.

To start, find the most relevant and popular topics based on your target audience’s needs. This can be done through conversations with your customers, product and competitor reviews, relevant social media channels, or thought leadership newsletters in your industry.

Once you have a list of topics, try searching for them on Google and Bing. Then, you can analyze the results to determine what’s most popular and potentially linkable.

The Ads Keyword Tool is a great place to start, as it offers keyword suggestions and a SERP analysis of each word. It also displays a few content metrics, including search volume, trend, and intent.

To get even more insights, you can plug your list of terms into a content-driven keyword research tool, like BiQ. It’ll help you identify the most relevant keywords to write about for your specific audience and provide examples to shape your content.